Get GROUNDED, Get GROWING,   Get GRATEFUL                                     
Adult and Youth Sunday School @ 10AM
Worship Service @ 11AM
PIE, Ponderings & Inquiries Explained
Adult Bible Study @ 6PM
       Get your questions about Scripture, Bible             characters, spiritual conflicts, and
       theological ideas answered.
Youth Night Out
Meal @ 6:30PM
Praise & Bible Study @ 7PM
There is no YNO if school has been 
Summer YNO is only available for
High School Students.
Men’s Bible Study @ 6AM
Family Life Center 
The FLC is open for various activities:
Sunday          1 – 5
Monday         7a – 5 (*Pickleball available)
Tuesday        7a – 5 (*Pickleball available)
Wednesday   7 – 5
Thursday       7a – 5 (*Pickleball available)
Friday            7a – 5 (*Pickleball available)
Saturday        7 – 5
Walking ONLY before 10AM;
Basketball 10 – 5 only;
Pickleball ONLY 5PM – 8PM
Please see “Contact Us” to reserve the FLC 
for private activities.