1500 Cordell Hull Memorial Drive
Byrdstown, Tennessee
Church Office
    & Family Life Center      931.864.3299
    Church Building              931.864.3209
    Steve McClure, minister
                                cell        931.704.5153 
Office hours:
      Tuesday through Friday
      7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Family Life Center hours
    Sunday         1 pm- 5:30pm
    Monday        7am* – 7:00pm
    Tuesday       7am*- 7:00pm
    Wednesday  7am* – 6:30pm
    Thursday     7am* – 7:00pm
    Friday          7am* – 5:00pm
    Saturday     7am* – 5:00pm
*The FLC is not available for basketball until after 10:00am
To reserve any of the facilities, please contact:
the church office, 931.864.3299
 to reserve the Sanctuary;
Sheila Jolly, 931.397.2903
to reserve the Fellowship Hall;
Steve McClure (church office), 931.864.3299
to reserve the Family Life Center;
Marilyn Cross, 931.445.5379
to reserve the Playground/Picnic area