What to Expect

Our family is a loving, happy group who will eagerly accept you as one of their own.

If you are visiting, expect folks to want to know more about you.
We dress casually on Sunday mornings (some have come straight from the garden,
and others may go straight to a ball game). 
Our worship music is usually a blend of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. 
We participate in the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis because the New Testament
church did (we also believe it is a good habit to remember Jesus in this wa). 
          In an effort to curtail the spread of disease, we currently offer sealed
          communion elements as you enter the sanctuary.  We will observe this part
          of our service together midway through the worship service.  Small bags are
          available for your empty cup.
We take up an offering weekly.
          We also do not pass the offering plates out of consideration for the health 
          of those worshiping.  Please place your financial gift in the plates as you exit
          the building. 
The Preacher’s message is Bible-based.  Each sermon has been carefully prepared
so that it meets the spiritual needs of long-time believers, restless youth, and
curious first-time church attenders.  
          We currently do not offer a separate worship service for children.  We do have
          clipboards (Easy for Children 2-6 years of age and Moderate for those who are
          7 – 11 years of age).  Each clipboard has puzzles & coloring sheets (based on
          the morning’s Sunday School lesson), crayons, and a treat.
We are respectful of busy schedules, so we do our best to end our service close to
12 noon (Sunday Morning), 7PM (Sunday Evening), and 8PM (Wednesday Evening).
We look forward to you joining us in person, or on our Facebook page!