Who’s Sowing Seeds at Bloomington? 

 Youth Minister 

JOHN ZACHARY is a deacon and Youth Minister here at BCC (and eager volunteer for other church needs).  He and his wife Michelle have 5  kids: Victoria, Emma, Mackenzie, Ben and John.  We can say, without question, he is still a kid at heart.
John says his parents and Matthew Kingston have been influential in his Christian walk, but the life and words of the Apostle Paul and the spirit of King David mold him also.   1 Timothy 4:12 serves as a guide for his life and ministry; Hebrews 12:1-2 helps him appreciate godly men and women, but directs his focus to Jesus.
You may contact John at:  johnchristopherzachary@gmail.com

ANGIE ABBOTT has been working with the youth ministries here at BCC for several year.  She currently works with our Elementary students.  Angie holds a A.S. in Nursing and works for the TN State Department of Health. She and her husband James (who also serves as an Elder at BCC) have been married since 1981 and have two children. Angie has a true heart to see young people grow closer to God.    

MARIA HOLT is a sweet-natured, fun-loving addition in our Middle School department.  A lifelong favorite Bible story, Solomon Asking for Wisdom, guides her personally.  Spiritual mentors, like our own Papa John, guide her as shads our kids.  Maria is a crucial element to a successful VBS, and a gifted pianist.


ETHAN HOLT is an active (really active) member and a leader of our college students.  He likes the story of a young David defeating the giant Goliath (hmm, a perfect example of perseverance producing character and character developing hope, Romans 5:3, 4).  Ethan would like to start a Sports Ministry.  Anyone game?
STUART NEAL is a high school math teacher.  Energetic and committed to Christ and our kids, he works with our Middle School students.  Stuart’s primary goal in life is obeying the Great Commission and making disciples.  He makes some pretty awesome poetry, too.