Steve McClure began his ministry with the Bloomington congregation in November, 2014.  He attended Ozark Christian College, and graduated from the El Paso School of Missions. He attributes growing up in a preacher’s home as fostering his love for the Lord and His Church.  He claims his various ministries as a continuing education.  Steve served the Westside Christian Church in El Paso, Texas, the Cane Valley Christian Church in Kentucky, the Smoky Mountain Christian Church in Sevierville, Tennessee, and First Christian Church in Carmi, Illinois before returning to the hills of Tennessee.  
He and his wife, Ginger, raised a son and a daughter, Ethan and Lydia.  They currently dote on a black hounddog, Mer’Ci, and a couple granddogs. 

     Summer is nearly over… can you believe it?  In a matter of weeks the cooler temperatures will remind us that, “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

     But anyone whose ever tried to do everything knows that there just isn’t enough time!  So what can we do?  Solomon gave in to despair:  “Utterly meaningless, everything is meaningless!” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)  A better way might be to prioritize the many demands in your life.

     Certainly, your relationship to God and His church should be right at the top… followed by your relationships at home… then work/school… then everything else.  Bryan Elliot serves as Family Pastor at the Southeast Christian Church (KY).  In a recent article in the Southeast Outlook, Elliot said:  “You can go to church, bring your kids to church with you and have Scriptures posted all over the walls of your home, but if you don’t invest in your faith and live out your faith, your kids will notice.”  He reminds there are two things that are necessary to make the most of your time together:  Intentionality and determination.  “It takes work, but having a Gospel-centered home is worth it.”

     With intentionality and determination, there really can be time for everything… or at least, the things that matter most!        

Steve McClure